The Group continues its project to develop modern careers in the yachting industry:  also in view of new hires for the soon-to-open Ravenna production facility.

 After the success of the first edition held in spring, Ferretti Group kicks off the second edition of the Scuola dei Mestieri project, starting on November 13 in Forlì. The aim is to train specialised workers (deck fitters and carpenters) to recruit for luxury yacht production, not least at the soon-to-open Ravenna production facility.

The three-month course, totalling 500 hours of training, is for 18 to 29-year-olds who want to start a career in the high-end Italian yacht industry. Lessons will be held by technical experts, including former yard managers and line foremen.

After the first edition in Forlì and subsequent launch at the Mondolfo and Sarno plants, the Group’s objective for this second edition is to focus on the recently acquired Ravenna yard, aiming to grow the workforce in view of the upcoming opening. The students on the course are, in fact, based both in Ravenna and Forlì.

The Scuola dei Mestieri is not based on simple extra-curricular apprenticeship but provides professional training courses that combine both theory and on-the-job experience in the shipyard.

The theoretical part of the course is structured as follows: an overview of materials and composites technology and a section on engineering, from construction principles to the types of systems found on boats, with a special focus on the different types of semi-finished products and on planning outfitting operations. The practical part of the course, in collaboration with Cnos FA Forlì, takes place initially in a wood workshop, before moving to the Shipyard.

Including the Forlì edition, a total of over 50 apprentices could be hired by Ferretti Group shipyards.

Ferretti Group announced: “The outstanding skills of our workforce are the real strength of the Made in Italy yacht industry and of Ferretti Group: a unique combination of talent, experience and know-how that only we can offer the world. That is why the Scuola dei Mestieri is of paramount importance, because we want to open our doors to young workers and give them the skills and expertise to maintain the inimitable standards of excellence that set us apart. We expect to identify new professionals who are the right fit for our shipyards, establishing a lasting and profitable working relationship.”

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