Pow’rTran Power Steering For Outboards


Pow’rTran Pow’r Steer power steering units are specially designed for awkward or hard-to-reach transom or bracket-mounted outboard motors up to 20 HP. The compact Pow’r Steer units – just 2 ½” W x 2 ½” H x 24”D – with marine grade, submersible, high torque 12 volt motors drawing just 5 amps – steer outboards faster (in just 3 seconds) side-to-side to adjust course in rough or fast-moving water. Designed for closed throttle cruising and trolling, Pow’r Steer can be operated by hand or foot with a 2-button switch from up to 16’. A wireless remote control is also available, which allows the power steering to be operated from anywhere on board.

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