ABSOLUTE 55 STY great elegance

Absolute 55 TY
Absolute 55 TY

For season 2013, the Absolute shipyard, that is one of the most advanced production units for worldwide pleasure boating, also thanks to geothermal and domotics systems, which are available to support and monitor its activities, presents another Absolute 55 Sport Yacht model.
This boat, as well as all the other Absolute models, can be defined “environmental friendly”, that means “ecological”, not only for the features typical of boats themselves, but also for the technologies used during
all the production process.
The hull’s slender lines immediately reveal distinctive style and elegance, typical of the Absolute style. Only  when getting on board, its uniqueness is then unveiled.  Light, space, style and luxury; these concepts are melted in the main deck, creating a union of refinement  and relax on board.
A comfortable C-shaped sofa, a big teak table and the sunbathing area are all located aft in the cockpit.  The cockpit retractable roof, made up of transparent panels, slightly protects the sofa, allowing sun lovers to  sunbathe on the wide sunbathing cushion with adjustable backrests, where a wide compartment that can be  changed into an independent cabin with a fantastic view on the sea, is located.  This environment can be furnished with wide windows, portholes and hatch that can be opened, bed,  wardrobes, sink and toilet. It’s definitely a multi-purpose area, which the shipowner can use for any purpose  he wishes.
The idea of developing the cockpit and the hall on a single monoplanar surface is intelligent and really  harmonic, and it exceeds in this way the barriers of the traditional open: thanks to a big glass sliding door it is
possible to create a single big space and that permit, when needed, to isolate the two spaces and to join the  privacy and the comfort of the hall provided with air conditioning.  The living zone stuns immediately for the dressy and extensive design.  A large C-shape sofa, suitable for 6 persons, with table, that can be extended, dedicated to the launch and  the dinner, is located in front of the galley, an “open space” featured by the glossy lacquered “dove” colour,
with a wide worktop made of Corian with marble nuance.
This area is provided with a large fridge of good 258 litres, of which 42 litres are dedicated to the freezer,  while plates, glasses, cups and cutlery are housed in special drawers and furniture, giving the feeling of  order and practicalness to the kitchen.  A pyroceram hob and a microwave oven are also present, while the shipowner can choose whether to install  the optional dishwasher.
Moving towards bow, you can find on the right the steering position, that is wide and very comfortable.  Anything from the instruments to the technological materials is designed to offer safe and effective steering  of the boat. All is combined with an armchair dedicated  to the pilot and copilot, that enriches the steering  position, also in combination with the wide side French door for easy access directly to the side passage,  similar to the Absolute 72 Fly and Sport Yacht, units of the higher category.

In this area the choices of the Style Lab. focused mainly to guarantee the maximum available living spaces,  where a second comfortable dinette is dedicated and is provided with a comfortable sofa for quite nights o to
share the navigation  Everything is provided with an opening roof with glass windows. When it is open, it is such a wide window on  the sky that you can feel the sky and the sea breeze filling the room in a warm hug.
The owner cabin is a charming full-beam suite, equipped with all comforts and top-end finishings. Extremely  bright thanks to the open-view windows on both walls, furnished with 2 small sofas and a table including a  beauty secretaire. On the opposite side there is a long cabinet and a walk-in wardrobe, both wisely
manufactured with an large containing capacity, thanks to the chests of drawers and to the indoor cabinets.  A private toilet is dedicated to the shipowner, that is elegantly refined and provided with separate shower  box.The Vip cabin is reserved to the guests, with double bed and it is featured by the same brightness of the bow  cabin, which is an essential aspect, since the wide side windows extend vertically, allowing you to be slowly  rocked by the sweet sound of the sea.  Both the bow cabin and the central cabin furnished with 2 single beds are provided with toilet and shower  box. Special care was given to the design of the bow area in order to emphasize safety and comfort. The wide  passages allow easy and safe access, also thanks to the railing and to the various handrails, within easy  reach for passengers of any height and age. The area of manoeuvre of the winch is wide and, in particular, the walking zone is not inclined. For suntan  lovers a wide sunbathing area with folding backrests in three different positions can be provided.. The comfort that uniquely distinguishes this boat is also due to the installed engines: indeed, the IPS technology by Volvo Penta allows to obtain lively navigations, typical of sports boats, but without limiting the high manoeuvrability in the harbour and, above all, by confirming the reduced consumptions, noise and gas emissions. From year 2006 the shipyard of Piacenza was the pioneer in adopting this solution, which technology isnowadays unique and can grant the best success. With Absolute 72 fly, the most dynamic shipyard of “Made in Italy” continues its course, and strengthens its philosophy: Absolute is not only a brand, but it is the most innovative expression of love for the sea.


Total length 16,55 m

Width 4,65 m

Diesel tanks capacity 1,700 l

Fresh water tank capacity  560 l

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