Launched in La Spezia, the new flybridge yacht has redesigned exteriors and interiors and an enlarged beach club in the stern, for an outstanding cruising experience.

La Spezia, 19.05.2022 – In the brand’s 180th anniversary year, Riva confirms its extraordinary creative
vitality and incomparable style by launching the new 102’ Corsaro Super, a dazzlingly beautiful
flybridge yacht with a completely rethought design and spaces to enjoy in comfort and conviviality.
Entering the water in La Spezia, at the Shipyard where models in the 76 to 130-foot range are built, the
new yacht is the magnificent successor to the 100’ Corsaro, one of the most popular best sellers in recent

RIVA 102’ CORSARO SUPER – With peerless originality and class, the new Corsaro Super has even more impressive dimensions: 102 feet of majesty and new style accents that breathe life into an unprecedented masterpiece of yacht design, ready to leave a glorious mark in the history of the flybridge range.

The new features of the Corsaro Super are once again the work of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta,
founders of Officina Italiana Design, working in partnership with the Strategic Product Committee
led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department.
The many new features include the design of the superstructure and the hull, which have both been
completely renewed based on a contemporary sport concept that sees direct contact with the water
as the supreme pleasure of going to sea. The new Riva 102’ Corsaro Super is over 30 metres in length
overall and has a beam of almost 7 metres. Her distinctive silhouette reaches out like an arrowhead,
giving the yacht a sleek and assertive profile. Aft, new glass fashion plates improve the vessel’s
New dimensions and optimised spaces revolutionise how time is spent on board. Functionality,
maximum liveability and ever more direct contact with the water are the guiding principles behind
all the new features, such as the option to install special gunwales that swing out on either side of the
main deck to create exclusive terraces with a panoramic view, increasing the volume of the external
walkways without affecting the vessel’s elegant profile.

With three decks and five cabins for 10 guests, the promise of the new Corsaro Super is to dominate
the sea, not only from almost 100 square metres of liveable open-air spaces, but also from the interiors,
thanks to over 140 square metres of magnificent glazing and glass surfaces that reduce the barriers
to visual contact with the natural world around the yacht. In more detail, the glazing in the owner suite
has been redesigned and extended to two metres in length, amplifying the sense of space that is a distinctive feature of the widebody configuration and offering a breathtaking view on both sides of the

One of the highlights of the new superyacht, responding to growing demand from owners, is the
complete redesign of the stern area on the main deck. This entire space will be configured as an
extended 35-square-metre beach club dedicated to conviviality and comfort.

The interior design also features some major innovations. In the main living area, two different
layouts are available for the owner to choose from. The first has a focus on the dining space, with a table
seating eight in the stern area, while the lounge is central and maintains visual contact with the outside
world through extensive windows that open onto the lateral walkways. In the second layout, the lounge
and large sofas are in the area first encountered on entering the saloon, while the dining space is central.
The interior decor juxtaposes original textures that express the yacht’s unmistakable personality and
appeal. The dominant wood is Canaletto walnut. Its warm tones are set off by the innovative pairing
with satin effect titanium ceilings or, alternatively, by the introduction of glass surfaces and cool
At the owner’s request, the new Riva 102’ Corsaro Super can be fitted with the standard pair of MTU
16V 2000 M96 engines, rated 2,435 mhp each for a top speed of 26 knots, or a pair of MTU 16V 2000
M96L engines rated 2,638 mhp, driving the yacht to a top speed of over 28 knots (preliminary data).
The first unit will make its official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022.

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