NERO 777 Evolution

When German engineering meets Italian design – Introducing the NERO 777 Evolution electric carbon-fibre yacht, powered by Evoy.

NERO 777 Evolution- With its lightweight, carbon-fibre hull, and electric power from Evoy’s high-
output 300+kW (400 ps) Hurricane inboard motor, the 7.77m long NERO 777 Evolution is one of the coolest-looking sub-8m sports weekenders of recent times.
Aimed, primarily, at the inland lake and waterways market, the project is the brainchild of Munich businessman and lifelong boater, Moritz Pfaller, who, together with his Italian design team, have come up with a host of unique features, many of which have not been seen on such a modestly sized hull before now.

Each boat will be made to order, and a fair amount of customisation options exist, but key to the design is a carbon-fibre composite hull with corresponding reduction in displacement weight, thereby extending the cruising range possibilities from either of three different power output options offered at the start.

Underneath the water, Petestep®-technology deflectors reduce resistance by
removing friction and reducing energy waste, compared with traditional fore
and aft rails, and up to 35% less energy is required to propel the boat forward
with the Petestep® design.
The NERO 777 Evolution’s ability to increase deck space, by lowering the rear-
most sections of the hull sides, increases floor area and allows the multi-
function seats / sun-pads, to be shifted and angled sideways on runners, thus
creating space that otherwise would not be there.
Other features include proper width steps located either side of the centre
console and windscreen, enabling safe up/down access to the foredeck from
either side of the cockpit, with no more clambering over the front screen, or
risk scraping a knee when doing so.
An auto-deployed anchor hidden discreetly within the vertical rise of the bow,
gives a seamless and uncluttered profile to the front section, and within the
cockpit there are dedicated storage areas intended specifically for your boat
Both are small, but nonetheless important and innovative details that are
typical of the logic and intelligent thinking that has gone into this boat.
A well-appointed fore cabin with electric-flush toilet, makes this an occasional
overnighter, but it’s during daytime use, when the smooth and torquey power
delivery, and fantastic acceleration from an Evoy electric motor will truly excel.
NERO Yachts, MD, Moritz Pfaller, said:
“Customers in the lake boat segment are motivated by good engineering and
innovative design, and unlike other builders who are less experienced with
composites, our technology partner is long-term aircraft builder, Grob Aircraft,
who have been building carbon fibre composite aircraft since 1971.
“Together with Evoy as motor supplier, we think we have a winning team
behind us, and I can’t wait to get the first boat launched and customer
demonstrations underway in 2024.”
Evoy, CEO, Leif. A. Stavøstrand, added:
“The lake boat segment has become a lucrative market for us and regulation
makes it difficult for owners of anything other than electric boats or sailing
yachts to go boating on environmentally protected waters, and the zero
emission NERO Yachts 777 Evolution can look forward to an exciting future,
and we are proud to be part of that journey alongside them.”

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