Alubat – Towards Clear Horizons Hakim RAHMOUN outlines his strategy

Alubat – After taking up the post of Managing Director of Alubat in January, Hakim RAHMOUN now presents his strategy, in this exceptional period. With the support of the 14 share holders, represented by Michel BERSON, Chairman of the Board, Hakim confirms the positioning of the company in the aluminium, bluewater, cruising yacht market.


Above all a builder of 100% aluminium yachts, dedicated to extended cruising, the first goal is to reinforce this heritage which has produced two mythical ranges : OVNI and CIGALE.

The OVNI, lifting keel yachts, are known as the « 4×4 » of the seas, able to sail anywhere safely.
The CIGALE, yachts with finer lines, are fast and comfortable on all points of sail thanks to a powerful hull and refined interior able to sail far away, everywhere, elsewhere.

With the OVNI 400 and 450, the renewal of the ranges is responding to the evolution of the market and customers’ needs. Two pre-projects are also already under consideration.

The development of international sales of these boats is being enhanced with an expansion of the overseas distributors network.
In addition, Alubat offers a refit service for their yachts, either to prepare for resale on the secondhand market or to extend and continue the enjoyment of the owners. In all cases, Alubat’s sought after know-how in metal work, painting, woodwork, onboard systems and fittings is the same as for the new boats in construction. With more than 1500 yachts around the world, the refit service is essential and addresses an eco-responsible commitment : added to the fact that aluminium is recyclable and can be ‘re-born’ in other forms, this material is strong and sustainable as a boat.

As an expert in aluminium construction, Alubat’s expertise is also available to professional customers for sub-assembly production or for any other construction project with this material. Alubat already supplies neighbouring partners in the Vendée (France), but this activity is unknown. Because of his previous experiences, Hakim Rahmoun has an excellent understanding of this « B to B » activity and wants to widely advertise this service to other companies.

As well, in collaboration with naval architects, Alubat offers all its expertise for the construction of ‘one off’, customised yacht projects. This kind of construction requires great flexibility and the high quality finish which Alubat already reveals in each yacht built.

Four months in post, Hakim Rahmoun puts his strategy into action, despite the unprecedented health situation. Since the confinement announcement, and after two weeks of organisation, activity has started up again at Alubat aiming to be at full capacity on May 11th. From this date and with all the necessary safety measures in place, Alubat will again be able to welcome prospective clients and clients – for sea trials, especially on the new OVNI 400 – and to hand over finished yachts and welcome yachts for refit.

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