Evinrude® launches a new range of E-TEC® G2®

Evinrude® launches a new range of E-TEC® G2® engines on the European market and introduces a 7-year warranty on their outboards

With a press conference during the 2019 Genoa Boat Show, Evinrude has launched to the international press the brand-new E-TEC G2 in line 3-cylinder engines, along with a 7-year warranty on every Evinrude E-TEC outboard motor over 25 hp.

Those motors, meant to re-enter the mid-range outboard market, bring with them several small revolutions for the boaters, thanks to the introduction of the most advanced technologies usually available only on higher hp segment and unseen on any competitors’ products.

The new E-TEC G2 engines are available in three versions: K115 H.O., K140 and K150. They share a same architecture: a 1.9 liter inline 3-cylinder block with 2-stroke direct injection. They carry over the latest and cleanest technologies from the larger V6 E-TEC G2 engines, launched 2 year ago and already awarded by several prestigious prizes. The most striking built-in features never seen on a 115hp engine? The electronical shift and throttle, the automated trim system, the integrated Dynamic Power Steering, and an endless choice of color customization.

Thanks to the continuous and thorough efforts of Evinrude, the E-TEC engines are the least polluting engines available on the market, with up to 99% less Carbon Monoxide at idle and trolling speed, the fewest Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Oxide (HC+NOx) released in the atmosphere and the lowest exhaust emissions of any combustion engine. Going even further, Evinrude only sells low emissions engines around the world, even in countries where there is no regulation in place and high emission engines are allowed.

The Genoa press conference has also been the stage for a breaking news: from October 1st, all the Evinrude outboard engines over 25 HP will carry a 7 (seven) years warranty. It’s the longest warranty coverage offered on the market.

Last but not least, Evinrude took the opportunity of the Genoa Boat Show, the most important event for the Italian boating sector, to update  Italian media on the regulatory issue related to the licensing requirements for 40 HP outboard engines. The recently revised Italian nautical code now requires a license for boats fitted with a 2-stroke engine below 30 kW (or 40,8 hp) and above 750 cc .  

Only brand negatively impacted by this new provision, Evinrude is working closely with UCINA and the Italian authorities in order to have this provision revised in the briefest delays, and hopefully before the end of this year. The Italian Minister of Transportation and UCINA highlighted the issue during the opening ceremony of the Genoa Boat Show, with UCINA explicitly stating that they are actively engaged in the revision of the Nautical Code.

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