YATCO Announces…

YATCO Announces

YATCO Announces

YATCO Announces Partnership with Yacht Brokers Association in Türkiye

YATCO, The Trusted MLS Search of Yachting has announced an exciting new partnership with the Yacht Brokers Association (YBA) in Türkiye. This will solidify and strengthen the relationships and presence YATCO currently has in eastern Europe. The partnership will also increase the awareness, professionalism and standards of brokerage in the growing yachting industry in Türkiye.

This partnership will see YATCO advise with YBA on prospects from Türkiye and use many of YATCO’s standards, commitment to central listings, and technology to increase productivity to bring more clients to Turkish shores. The YBA will also work with their network to introduce clients to YATCO’s advanced technological systems and streamlined services in order to help them conduct business more efficiently through the use of YATCO BOSS, YATCO’s AI Assistant and YATCO’s Mobile BOSS App.

Steven Myers, Founder and CEO of YATCO shares,

“We are excited by this new partnership with the YBA. Türkiye is a rapidly growing market with a number of reputable brokers and builders that have been doing excellent business there for years. As a growing charter destination, we are seeing more and more people visit the region and see the yachting facilities and standards that exist, and thereby an increase in demand for Turkish products. We’re proud to partner with the YBA and increase international yacht sales and charters from our partner to the region.”

Güray Bulut, President of YBA shares,

“The partnership with YATCO allows us to emphasize our principles and efforts in order to maintain the standards within the current growing yachting environment in Türkiye. We hope that both YATCO and YBA will benefit from our shared values. We look forward to experiencing the potential of this partnership and its positive effect on yacht sales, charter and new build in Türkiye with the dedication of all parties.”

YATCO and the Turkish YBA share a number of principles including elevating the level of service and professionalism of the yacht brokerage industry. To become a member of the YBA, you must have at least five years of professional experience in yacht sales as a central listing agent. YATCO’s services are dedicated exclusively to central listings by qualified brokers. This creates a level of standard in our industry that YATCO is proud to share with the YBA.

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