Riva M/Y RaceEasy to use and highly customised Videoworks reveals the technologies on the 50m Riva M/Y Race

– Videoworks has integrated the most sophisticated technologies for home entertainment, audio/video, lighting and domotics on the first Riva Yachts 50m superyacht

Videoworks, leader in the audio/video, entertainment, IT and home automation sectors, followed very clear guidelines in the creation of the systems on board the Riva M/Y Race, the first 50 metre yacht that inaugurated the SuperYachtsDivision of Riva Yachts. All the systems for lighting, audio/video, entertainment and domotics had to be very easy to use. This was achieved with the high level of customisation that is a distinguishing feature of the onboard systems made by Videoworks, a group that can always offer innovative and original technological solutions, with experience gained through over 700 projects developed during more than 20 years of activity.

The use of domotics audio/video systems is now among the main requests made by owners and guests. Must- haves of system integration now include being able to look at a soccer match on a large screen with very high resolution, to listen to music with loudspeakers that faithfully reproduce pure sounds, give a party on board, manage lights, blinds, multi-media contents and air conditioning and to browse the internet in a secure and reliable manner. 


The 50-metre yacht that inaugurated the SuperYachtsDivision of Riva Yachts holds super-concentrated technology: Videoworks has designed the AV, IT, TV/Sat, CCTV, IP telephony and home automation system. The AV-IT system was designed according to the philosophy of a distributed system – every cabin/hall has a local rack containing the AV electronics. The audio system in the internal and external premium areas has the James Loudspeaker marine speakers. IP telephony is based on a Panasonic switchboard with fixed and cordless terminals.

The IT infrastructure (cabled and Wi-Fi) is made entirely with Cisco hardware, a world leader in terms of reliability and performance. IP telephony is based on a Panasonic switchboard with fixed and cordless terminals.

Thanks to its considerable experience and long-term partnership with Lutron (a world leading company in the production of light control systems), Videoworks has designed and built the on-board home automation system, i.e. the intelligent control of lights and blinds in the guest area, which makes time on board even more comfortable and pleasant.

The CCTV system is made up entirely of professional Panasonic products. It includes 5 high-resolution IP cameras and a network recorder for recording video flows and archiving them in encrypted form. Additionally, the satellite TV receiving system has a double antenna with arbitrator, which guarantees optimal signal without blind spots.

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