OPAC: a collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini and new high tech content for the marine industry

Lamborhini Aventador

OPAC’s know-how in the construction of exclusive carbon fiber shading solutions for the yachting industry is longstanding.
OPAC’s nautical division delivers custom hard and soft tops for both open and flybridge yacht designs as it exploits the experience and know-how it has acquired in the automotive industry.

Turin, Italy based OPAC has established itself as a builder of carbon fiber bodywork for high end automotive products. A collaboration of ten years with Automobili Lamborghini has enabled OPAC’s improved growth in carbon fiber construction also based on latest generation molding technologies and technical solutions.
“>OPAC has developed an advanced knowledge through the design and engineering of bodywork and parts for the automotive industry.
This evolution has led to the delivery of the LAMBORGHINI “AVENTADOR” J, an exclusive ‘jewel’ launched at Geneva Motor Show 2012. To collaborate with Lamborghini is to share in the innovative inspiration of car makers in Sant’Agata Bolognese for the construction of a one-off luxury sports car. The Aventador J body is largely carbon fiber. Its assembly is totally artisanal also based on advanced dimensional measuring technology. The carbon fiber body of earlier limited edition Lamborghini ‘Reventón’ was also built at OPAC’s facilities, and available worldwide in 35 units only, including Coupé and Spyder models. OPAC’s nautical division is developing a new carbon fiber hard top concept based on the idea of a leading yacht builder, redesigned in its aesthetics and automatization technology. OPAC’s new hard top design extends 4.5 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Its mobile section consists of 18 carbon fiber modules which rotate 120° at the same time. Hydraulically operated with safety sensors, the hard top can be activated during navigation irrespective of the yacht’s speed and inclination. When closed, OPAC’s hard top mobile parts are rubber sealed, facilitated by their special carbon fiber section. This provides a homogeneous roof surface and ensures the hard top is perfectly watertight and thermally insulated.

As in earlier OPAC’s designs, solar panels may be installed on the hard top modules surface to support the automatized mechanism. 

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