NEREA YACHT CONTINUES TO GROW – NY24, day cruiser with an unmistakable design, synonymous with crafsmanship and Made in Italy design, convinces both the natonal and internatonal markets.
Fano (PU), 30th March 2021 – Nerea Yacht, the nautcal laboratory located near Fano where about two years
ago a new story, made of determinaton, competence and creatvity, came to life, contnues its growth path
and announces the sale of two new NY24 Deluxe yachts, made to perfecton and always with the made-tomeasure
approach that is the hallmark of this young brand.


NY24 Bit of Blue, already launched and tested in the Adriatc Sea last week, is intended for an Italian owner, will therefore remain in the natonal territory, whereas NY24 Sea Salt – both in the Deluxe version – is currently going through the last stage of constructon and will be delivered next May, to reach the Croatan coasts.

The two sales represent the achievement of another important milestone for the boat boutque of Dario Messina, approaching the market on tptoe but with very clear ideas, thanks to an experience as a crafsman rather than as an entrepreneur, with a very specifc goal: to ofer, to the most atentve and demanding owners, yacht highly distnguishable for their clean and tmeless design, with atenton to the smallest details, thanks to a careful selecton of materials, a functonality that translates into ease of use and outstanding performance.


Despite the anomalous and unpredictable year, Nerea Yacht has shown courage and determinaton, investng its resources both in building sheds, to improve producton capacity, and in research, design and development of new ideas that, in part, we can already see concretely in the two boats ready for delivery; other interestng news, concerning the development of the range and the use of cutng-edge and ecosustainable materials, will instead be revealed shortly, always with the aim of satsfying sea lovers looking for unique and tailor-made creatons.

To identfy the frst tangible novelty proposed by Nerea Yacht it is sufcient to look at the images that come with this text: the consolidated collaboraton between the founder of the shipyard, Dario Messina, and the designers Davide Bernardini and Alessio Batstni of IdeaeITALIA, has given life to a new totally custom pilot chair with a unique and unmistakable design, incorporatng in its lines the style A of the company logo, which is not simply embroidered or printed on the backrest, but itself becomes the supportng structure of the seat and a highly characterizing element.
Designed to frst of all guarantee a comfortable and ergonomic driving positon, the new chair also represents an aesthetc element of pure design.

Afer a careful design of the shapes, in fact, a prototype was created and tested by atentvely choosing the upholstery, the basic structure, the mechanisms for adjustng the positon, and of course the external materials, ofering a high level of customizaton given by an infnite range of colours, fabrics and ecoleathers among the fnest and at the same tme suitable for the marine environment.
The double sttching characterizes the backrest, the front porton of the seat, which folds upwards, allows a comfortable drive even in an upright positon, ensuring a solid and comfortable support for the back. A retractable footrest in stainless steel combines with the ergonomics of the seat to satsfy every need for driving positon.

Nerea Yacht

NY24 Bit of Blue presents a combinaton of warm and extremely elegant colours, which perfectly match the natural tone of the teak that covers the walkways: a highly sought-afer shade of pearl blue envelops the lines of the hull and superstructure, while a partcular Terra di Siena colour characterizes the external cushions in eco-leather. The same ecological leather upholstery is also repeated in the cabin for some elements such as the backrest of the sofa and the central secton of the ceiling, in combinaton with the light and sof fabric chosen for the seat cushions. For the interiors, the combinaton of textures is completed by another precious and avant-garde material, which perfectly matches the crafsmanship of the shipyard, chosen by Nerea Yacht for the fnishes: Oltremateria, an eco-friendly oil-based coatng
material, the result of careful technological research, freproof and breathable as well as recyclable and free of toxic substances for humans.

Even the technology is always part of this project and must be within the reach of a Nerea owner; thus, boat automaton has been added on board the Bit of Blue unit, which allows all the control systems to be integrated into the dashboard display, with the same controls being sent back to a tablet or smartphone ….. in short, everything is at owner’s fngertps.

NY24 Sea Salt, on the other hand, ofers an apparently simpler and more sporty look, with a classic optcal white livery for the external surfaces that gently match the warm shade of natural teak and the two-tone white and sand eco-leather cushions. But the partcularity of the steel accessories on deck, mat black painted, give the day cruiser an atractve and very modern look. The combinaton of fnishes is completed by the highly versatle use of oleo-material by Oltremateria which in this case also covers the carter of the cabin entrance hatch giving a truly harmonious appearance to the whole. For the interior fnishes, the same materials used in the exterior have been re-proposed with the additon of a sof and light fabric for the sofa, to create a bright and very welcoming environment.
Nerea Yacht is ready for the presentaton of the new boat on the water as soon as the natonal restrictons that regulate travelling will allow it. The day cruiser will also be among the protagonists of the next editon of the Venice Boat Show which will take place at the Arsenale from 29 May to 6 June.
Further news in the commercial and producton spheres, in contnuity with Nerea Yacht’s core values, will be unveiled very soon.


The heart of the boat is the living area in the central cockpit, with a fne convertble dinete where, lowering the central table, this space turns into an invitng, extended sunbathing area. The cockpit can be equipped with two drawer refrigerators, a concealed sink and a stove to guarantee sociable entertainment.
A very spacious swim platorm and the transom on three levels make a very easy access onboard or down to the water, and the engine room hatch, with remote electrical opening, makes inspectons quite simple.
The entre walkable surfaces – from the swim platorm to the front deck and even the steps in the cabin – are covered by teak, a refned and natural material which contributes to give a classic/modern signature to the boat style. Protecton from the sun is granted by a practcal bimini top which extends over the entre living area. When not in use, you can replace it in a dedicated locker and the four carbon poles fnd space inside two pockets created in the hull, very easily accessible from the cockpit.
Thanks to a careful study of the proportons, the designers managed to get very roomy interior spaces in less than 8 meters in length. In fact, below deck, NY24 presents a cabin with a large container sofa – convertble in double berth – an enclosed toilet niche and a very welcoming environment to ensure a comfortable stay on board throughout the day and, if desired, even at night.

Comfort is also given by the audio-video system and the natural light fooding the cabin, thanks to two long windows on the sides. A central glass hatch, with double sliding doors, allows a very easy access in the cabin. The design process was not dedicated only to aesthetc features but, of course, also to practcal aspects: a “special-V” shape hull with 18.5° deadrise with lateral planning supports has been developed to ofer great comfort when the boat is moored or at anchor, thanks to the increased foatng surface, but also a fast gliding entrance with a sof passage on the wave and safe driving even in rough seas.

The remarkable seaworthiness of NY24 makes her perfect to sail alongshore or ofshore, and thanks to a very low draught, she can enter bays and creeks with very low seabed.
The powerful Volvo engine connected to the duoprop sterndrive installed on the frst unit guarantees great performances with a top speed of 38 knots and a comfortable cruising of 28 knots.
Nothing is lef to chance on NY24: in the bow, the stemhead roller with automatc anchor launch and retrieve system is designed to respect the external lines of the boat and is actvated from the dashboard.
NY24 is also trailerable, so the owner has the opportunity to comfortably move his boat to the lake or the sea with no need for special permits.


Alongside the Deluxe version, two new variants of this model are the GT and the LIMO:
NY24 GT presents an unmistakable design, being the perfect day cruiser for sunbathing and day trips, also suitable as a weekender to spend an overnight on board. NY24 GT is a fun and grity motorboat, a sea roadster that ofers high performances combined with perfect manoeuvrability and that pleasant feeling of wind in the hair.
NY24 Limo, the third soluton proposed for this model, is aimed in partcular at owners looking for tenders of the same stylistc level of their superyacht: a real walkaround which, while maintaining the clean and stylish lines of the original model, is presented without a forward bridge and without cabin; an all-open boat that, thanks to its constructon height, intentonally kept low, is perfectly suited to easily enter into the garage of large motoryachts.
Whatever the favourite version, NY24 is a boat devoted to exclusivity, refnement, harmony of shapes and colours, richness of materials and high-end fnishings, a synthesis that ofers a wide customizaton.

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