Global yacht agency, Acquera Yachting and health and security services provider MedAire, have
strengthened their support to the superyacht industry, by forming a strategic partnership. The
partnership will leverage the combined global reach of both companies to provide enhanced
support to clients wherever they are in the world.

MedAire and Acquera Yachting both provide a variety of solutions for superyacht clients.
Acquera, with decades of experience as yacht agents, proactively anticipates and understands
clients’ needs, serving as an exclusive link to the industry and local excellence. Acquera offers
personalised services with a global perspective, focusing on human connections and innovation.
MedAire, on the other hand, is a leading provider in their field of maritime health and security,
with over 35 years’ experience in the superyacht industry. They offer a variety of services including
medication and equipment supply, telemedical assistance and location-based health and security
risk analysis.

Steven Bates, General Manager at MedAire says “Our partnership with Acquera is a natural fit and
as organisations we both pride ourselves in delivering high quality solutions to yachts. Captains
and crew are notoriously time-constrained, so anything we can do to provide a more streamlined
service for our shared clients can only be a positive. We look forward to seeking out further
opportunities for cross-collaboration and working together with the Acquera team.”
In the initial phase, Acquera Yachting will assist MedAire in the clearance of medication orders in
some of the more challenging locations. The last mile of any delivery is the most complex and
Acquera’s trusted network in key yachting locations, offers yachts in their care an efficient
solution. MedAire clients using Acquera Yachting will be able to rely upon their experience and
expertise to ensure smooth delivery. This will improve the medical kit replenishment process,
required by vessels as part of their regulatory compliance.

Stefano Tositti, CEO of Acquera says “Our partnership with MedAire is a natural consequence of
Acquera’s human/client-centric approach. At Acquera, we believe our role is not just to meet but to
exceed our clients’ needs by identifying and anticipating them and delivering excellent solutions in
Europe and recently also Middle East. Partnering with MedAire is not only a great opportunity to
enhance our service to both our clients and theirs, but also a perfect synergy, aligning seamlessly
with shared values and industry perspectives.”

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