Greenline 58 Fly Hybrid

hyper-efficient new Greenline 58 Fly Hybrid

Greenline 58 Fly Hybrid-Greenline Yachts is putting sustainability front and centre at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival as it showcases its hyper-efficient new 58 Fly Hybrid. Featuring Greenline’s next-generation hybrid H-Drive propulsion, the flagship demonstrates that enormous comfort and responsible yachting can co-exist. Visitors to the show from 10-15 September will be able to experience the yacht for themselves at the Quai St Pierre.

Slovenia’s Greenline Yachts has been spearheading the transition to hybrid propulsion for over 15 years, so it has had time to hone the performance of its drivetrain. The latest iteration is the 6G unit, which is even more efficient than its predecessors. It allows the Greenline 58 Fly Hybrid to offer an impressive range of 20 nautical miles in silent electric mode with speeds up to 6 knots. Across the typical use cycle of a Greenline yacht, the hybrid system delivers a cut in emissions of up to 40% per year.

Greenline Yachts’ solar roof concept puts a 4kW solar array to work at the service of the Greenline 58 Fly’s hotel services. Although it can increase the yacht’s range a little, its main benefit is to enable long days and nights at anchor without needing to fire up a noisy generator. Due to the solar and battery capacities on board, it gives an astonishing three days at anchor without the generator. That extends indefinitely if the aircon is not required.

“Greenline Yachts’ new 6G H-Drive draws on 16 years of constant development,” said owner and MD Vladimir Zinchenko. “We’ve been in this game since our launch, so our yachts are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to efficient hybrid propulsion and silent hotellerie. We’re excited to be showcasing the technology alongside our concept of Responsible Yachting at Cannes through our flagship model: the Greenline 58 Fly Hybrid.”

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