Capoforte SX280i

Capoforte SX280i

Capoforte SX280i is the perfect yacht for people who want to share a new way of boating with their family and friends, thanks to the careful design of the deck and the innovative details, such as the padded edge of the cockpit, which guarantees extra safety and comfort and that enhances the shipyard’s manufacturing skills.

The large swimming platform in the stern is incredibly convenient, while the unique layout of the Capoforte SX280i is carefully studied in every detail. Original solutions are dedicated to boatowners who are looking for a boat that stands out from the rest.

This boat is designed to enhance contact with the sea and conviviality. Its finishing touches – such as a good-sized cockpit, in which several people can sit comfortably – turn it into a small living room on the water. The level of the finishes and the elegant features are outstanding, making owners and guests proud to be part of the Invictus world.

The sterndrive guarantees comfortable, quiet propulsion, so the entire stern area can be used. There is a very broad range of standard equipment. Customisation level is possible in terms of colours, finishes and accessories.

As people come onboard, they step onto a large stern swimming platform, with the engine compartment covered by sunbed that can be expanded by rotating the rear backrest. The central area has a comfortable L-shaped sofa facing the steering area, which has a double ergonomically shaped seat that is one with the equipped central unit. The bridge is protected by a large windscreen all around.

The sheltered side aisles – typical of centre console boats – allow people to move easily and safely in the bow, where the boatbuilders have created a comfortable sunbed ahead the console. This sunbed, with a C-shaped sofa along the entire bow, makes this area ideal for relaxing even when the boat is moving.

The great attention to design and details must not eclipse the technical features of the Capoforte SX280i. With 350 horsepower, it can reach a top speed of 39 knots and a cruising speed of 21 knots.

The other models displayed at boot 2024

Among the other models featured at boot 2024, visitors can also admire two additional models from Capoforte’s production: the SQ240i and the SX200 Collezione ‘30 – Bodensee.’

Returning to boot Dusseldorf exactly one year after its world debut in the previous edition is the first Capoforte model with the Molabo ISCAD 50kw electric inboard, already a winner of the ‘Best Design Award 2022’ during the Genoa Boat Show. With a length of 7.38 meters and a width of 2.46 meters, the Capoforte SQ240i can accommodate up to ten people, concentrating a new philosophy of navigation in less than eight meters. The wide and rounded bow has allowed for the creation of a deck layout that prioritizes comfort. The entire hull is constructed using infusion technology.

The central console allows for easy and safe movement; its design resembles that of an elegant and technological furniture piece, avoiding overtly dynamic shapes inappropriate for this type of product. A large central sunbed at the stern allows for full enjoyment of the spacious full-width platform. Part of a special ‘Collezione’ edition, the SX200 ‘Bodensee’ is one of three twins but unique boats characterized by an appealing Gesso Gray livery, extended to both hull and deck, paired with classic and elegant Cognac upholstery.

This contrast evokes a sense of sportiness and distinction, tied to the world of classic races. This identity is reinforced by black numbers on a white circular background, displayed on the sides: a tribute to past race numbers, accompanied in this case by an exclusive name recalling prestigious locations always linked to recreational boating. After the ’10 – Côte d’Azur’ presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the ’20 – Cinque Terre’ presented in Genoa as a tribute to the wonderful Gulf of Tigullio, in Dusseldorf, the SX200 ’30 – Bodensee’ proudly displays the name of the picturesque Lake Constance, a borderland between the Alpine peaks and sports navigation.”

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