Bucharest International Boat Show 2024

Bucharest International Boat Show 2024-The event brings together the best companies in the field present on the nautical market in Romania.

For the second consecutive year, the exhibition will take place in the location inaugurated last year, a historical industrial building that impressed the public and attracted the attention of the media: Laminor.

The area’s facilities, such as a huge underground parking lot, metro (subway) just 2 minutes away and other means of public transport attract the development of the Bucharest area.

Bucharest International Boat Show 2024

Ionut Tudose, the organizer of the event, said : “In a market where changes of all kinds appeared every year, only the strong companies that did their job professionally resisted. As in the past, we are counting on a special audience with financial potential and real interest. This year we hope to have somewhere around 10,000-12,000 visitors.

The exhibition takes place simultaneously with Caravan, Motorhome & Adventure, thus bringing together two special hobbies.

The Bucharest International Boat Show is a unique event in Romania that takes place indoors.

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