Owning a luxury yacht should transcend beyond mere travel and leisure. Alexei Mikhailov, founder of Bering Yachts

Bering Yachts proudly announces the release of the Silver Bank expedition video, showcasing Bering 92 Papillon as an exploration vessel in the turbulent waters of the Dominican Republic’s Silver Bank. 

This unique area serves as a breeding and calving ground for the endangered humpback whales. Supported by the Government of the Dominican Republic and in collaboration with Yachts for Science and Mission Blue, this project marks Bering Yachts’ first involvement in a marine life preservation initiative to give explorer-type yacht ownership a meaningful purpose.

Owning a luxury yacht should transcend beyond mere travel and leisure. Alexei Mikhailov, founder of Bering Yachts, deeply understands this principle. Through his experience building yachts and knowing their owners, Alexei recognizes that the desire for a greater purpose often emerges among yacht owners. Alexei has established partnerships with notable organizations dedicated to marine conservation to address this philosophical calling.

One of the Caribbean’s most captivating marine research projects is led by Yachts for Science and Mission Blue. Supported by the Government of the Dominican Republic, these organizations conduct research in Silver Bank, a protected breeding and calving area for the North Atlantic humpback whale. The renowned ocean storyteller SeaLegacy documents and promotes these scientific endeavors. This year, Bering 92 Papillon served as the research base, offering a safe, comfortable, and stable platform for researchers and videographers.

For five days, 13 people from nine different nationalities lived onboard Bering 92 Papillon. They engaged in scientific discussions, swam with whales, filmed, photographed, identified individual whales, and collected DNA samples. Alexei Mikhailov, fully embracing this unique opportunity, participated in the entire expedition. He returned with profound memories and a renewed commitment to continue these activities. Experiencing an opportunity available to only 500 people annually, Alexei is eager to extend this experience to other owners of Bering-built yachts.

Bering’s full-displacement exploration yachts are designed for such scientific endeavors. Partnerships with scientists offer a win-win situation: yacht owners experience off-the-beaten-path adventures while the research community benefits from unparalleled comfort and service. The Silver Bank expedition will be the first of many, with plans for future collaborations spanning from the Mediterranean to the Antarctic. Several Bering yacht owners have already expressed interest in participating in upcoming projects.

Bering Yachts are built to be safe and capable for both owners and passengers. Our designs minimize noise and vibration pollution, reduce fuel consumption, and incorporate alternative energy solutions. As stewards of the marine environment, Bering Yachts actively participates in conservation efforts, not just for beautiful videos or viral marketing, but with genuine commitment.

This expedition was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Government of the Dominican Republic, Blue Marine Foundation, Blue Nature Alliance, Wyss Foundation, Mission Blue, and Caribbean Cetacean Society. The Ocean Family Foundation, BOAT International, Nekton, EYOS Expeditions, and others support the Yachts for Science initiative.

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