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Azimut Yachts takes a ‘strategic lineup’ to Northern Europe’s most important boat show, from January 17 to 29, 2019, with the goal of attracting visitors by offering a huge selection of possibilities and experiences for owners.

Six models will be on show from four different Collections, each designed to offer a different style and a specific experience at sea, in a clear demonstration of the shipyard’s ability to offer its customers the ideal boat for every need.

Azimut 60

The yachts present will be the Azimut 77S and Azimut S6 from the S Collection, the Azimut 60 and 66 in the Fly range, the Magellano 43 and, finally, the Atlantis 51 from the Atlantis Collection.Azimut Yachts’ multi-faceted spirit is well-represented at the Boot Düsseldorf. The boat show will play host to six yachts from four different Collections, each embodying the dreams and desires of a different type of owner.

“Visitor quality levels and impeccable organisation make Boot Düsseldorf an event we can’t afford to miss, and that’s why we’ve chosen to show the most representative models in our range,” said Azimut Yachts CEO Marco Valle, who explained the brand’s selection like this: “We are showing examples of the entire range to cover all market segments. These are boats that best satisfy the needs of different types of owner: we offersporty, spacious and elegant yachts that always feature a very high level of technology and comfort”.

The wish to innovate while respecting classic yacht world style tenets, but most importantly the desire to satisfy the needs of a diverse set of owners in terms of their age, tastes and passions, are the pillars on which Azimut Yachts’ production rests, with the goal of offeringthe broadest and most comprehensive range possible.

Azimut Magellano 43

The decision to use a team of very talented designers, increasingly from industries outside the marine sector, is also based on the desire to stand out from the competition and at the same time offer a better variety of settings and styles from every point of view.

The Flybridge Collection, which features models from 42 to 88 feet in length, is designed for owners who want a 360-degree experience of the sea, as well as to exploit all interior and exterior space to the full.
Azimut Yachts has decided to take two models from this line to Dusseldorf. The 55 and the60 (18 meters in length) are two models created out of the profitable collaborationbetween Stefano Righini, who designed the sleek and edgy exteriors, and Achille Salvagni, who looked after the interior decoration, bringing alive settings that are both sophisticated and cosy.

The Magellano Collection, on the other hand, features models designed to be versatile for owners interested in smooth, safe long-distance cruising, without sacrificing living areas as elegant as they are spacious. Reduced consumption and a wide range of speeds are characteristics of this line and they are both features of the model on show at Boot: thanks to the “Dual Mode” hull designed by Bill Dixon, the Magellano 43 can cruise in total comfort at both displacement speeds and in planing mode, as well as inrough sea conditions.

The Atlantis Collection was designed for owners in search of the genuine thrill of the sea and who aren’t averse to close encounters with the waves. The 51 is a pure open with plenty of space on board, including three roomy cabins and a big dinette on the lower deck, and an aggressive design by  Marco Biaggi and Filippo Salvetti, the owners of Neo Design.

Azimut 66

Elegance and drive are the distinctive features of the S Collection: the 77 fully expresses this ethos with an aggressive look that is perfectly balanced by a classy design. With exteriors by Stefano Righini, like the entire Collection, the interiors are by Carlo Galeazzi and stand out for two exclusive features: the pivoting stern platform and the two outdoor areas for socialising in the bow and at the stern.

One of the models in this Collection was an automatic choice to take to the boat show. Launched a few months back and already a great success, the S6 is a technologically advanced coupe that brings together Carbon Tech and three Volvo IPS propulsion units. The exteriors designed by Stefano Righini reprise and emphasise the collection’s sporty character: the big diamond-shaped windows in the deckhouse create a play of reflections that is the ideal foil for the boat’s taut lines and gives it an immediately recognisable profile. The interior decor is by Francesco Guida, who has chosen a style based on a modern and discreet sense of elegance, characterised by freshness and refinement.

Atlantis 51

The prestigious German Boat Show, as can be seen, represents a new stage in Azimut Yachts’ design path and confirms the desire to rise to the challenge of markets in various geographical areas, driven by technology, originality and, of course, ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.

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