The UIM E1 World Championship has appointed Acquera as its official Yachting Services Provider

The UIM E1 World Championship has appointed Acquera as its official Yachting Services Provider for the 2024 season.
Acquera, a leading player in the yachting industry, renowned for its steadfast dedication to luxury and top-tier quality, partners with E1 as the official luxury conciergerie and yachting services provider.

Catering to the E1 Championship’s legions of discerning fans, Acquera’s involvement in the 2024 season will ensure they are provided with the highest calibre conciergerie service whilst at the events. With a roster of team owners ranging from global superstars of sport and entertainment to a billionaire philanthropist, Acquera now joins the E1 family as no stranger to servicing the rich and famous on the water.

For more than two decades, Acquera’s team has been providing top tier services to yachts at locations throughout the Mediterranean and recently in the Middle East. This partnership comes less than a month before the E1 Venice GP, home to Acquera’s European Headquarters.

With a Middle East HQ based in Dubai and its 27 international offices, Acquera offers a global perspective, ensuring personalised services with a focus on human connections. Acquera serves as a vital link interconnecting the yachting industry with local territories and institutions worldwide for mutual development projects.
Acquera’s expertise drives the industry development through Education, Innovation and encouraging Sustainable projects and practices to cherish the core of our world: the water.

E1 represents a new playground for high net-worth individuals, and with races located in some of the most iconic coastal cities in the world, having a partner who can deliver a top tier service to our patrons is a vitally important offering to those attending. We’re proud to partner with a like-minded organisation in Acquera and look forward to working with them throughout the Championship,” said Rodi Basso, CEO of E1.

We’re excited to begin this partnership with the E1 series, especially here in Venice, where water, culture and luxury are deeply intertwined. Our joint focus on best-in-class services and top-tier sports events aligns perfectly. Together, we’re committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and social responsibility, crafting unforgettable experiences for our clients.” – CEO Stefano Tositti, Acquera.

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