From September 21stto 29th Nerea Yacht will participate to the Friedrichshafen boat show, themost important North-European event where excellent products, trends and innovation willdelight yachting fans. This presence inaugurates the partnership of Nerea Yacht with Pro Nautik,amajordealerwith head officein Romanshorn, which distributes brands among the mostappreciated by Swiss boat owner.

Nerea Yacht is proud to participate for the first time tothe 58 the dition of Interboot, from September 21stto 29th,a boat show representing, for over half a century, anessential event for allthefans of the vast northern European territory. After the great success of its first appearance at the Cannes Yachting Festival on the French Riviera, the new NY24-synonym of Madein Italy design, luxury and elegance-arrivesin Germany in collaboration with Pro Nautik, a majorSwiss dealer who strongly wanted the Italian model in the irexhibition spaces, tointroduce the product on the North European market.

NY24 will be in Friedrichshafen in its most elegant and sophisticated version, the Deluxe, which offers plenti ful customization options, so as to make it a real luxury yacht cruiser in reduced scale.NY24 Deluxeis, infact, a highly personalized product, made with the attentive care, stylistic research andproduction featuresof a tailored garment, of a unique piece made-to-measure.

Signedby the Italian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of idea e ITALIA, the new day cruiseris the quintessence of modernbut timelessdesign, elegant finishes and great liveability of space sableto satisfy, in just 7,35 meters of length,the most sophisticated yachtsmen searching fora boat with small dimensions but which cannot go unnoticed.

The heart of the boat is theliving area in the central cockpit

The heart of the boat is theliving area in the central cockpit, with a fine convertible dinette where, lowering the central table, this space turns into an inviting, extended sunbathing area. The cockpit can be equipped with two drawer refrigerators, a concealed sink and a stove to guarantee sociable entertainment. A very spacious swim platform and the transom on three levels make a very easy access onboard or downto the water, and the engine room hatch, with remote electrical opening, makes inspections quite simple.The entire walkablesurfaces-from the swim platform to the front deckand even the steps in the cabin-are covered by teak,a refined and natural material which contributes to give a classic/modern signature tothe boat style.Protection from the sun is granted by apractical biminitopwhich extends over the entire living area.When not in use, you can replace it in a dedicated locker and the four carbon poles find space inside twopockets created in the hull, very easily accessible from the cockpit.

Thanks to a careful study of the proportions, the designers managed to get very roomy interior spaces inless than 8meters in length.In fact, below deck, NY24presentsa cabin with a large container sofa-convertible in double berth-an enclosed toilet niche and a very welcoming environment to ensure acomfortable stay on board throughout the day and, if desired, even at night.Comfort is also given by the audio-video system and the natural light flooding the cabin, thanks to two long windows on the sides. A central glass hatch,with double sliding doors,allows a very easy access in the cabinas well as contributing to the diffused brightness below deck.The design process was not dedicated only to aesthetical features but, of course, also to practical aspects: a“special-V” shape hullwith 18.5°deadrise with lateral planning supports has been developed to offergreat comfort when the boat is moored or at anchor, thanks to the increased floating surface,but also afast gliding entrance with a soft passage on the wave and safe driving even in rough seas.

The remarkable sea worthiness of NY24 makesher perfect to sail along shoreor offshore, and thanks to avery low draught, she can enter bays and creeks withvery low seabed.

The powerful Volvo engine connected to the duo prop sterndrive installed on the first unit guarantees great performances with a top speed of 39 knots and a comfortable cruising of 30 knots. Nothing is left to chance on NY24:in the bow, the stemhead roller with automatic anchor launch andretrieve system is designed to respect the external lines of the boat and is activated from the dash board. NY24 is also trailerable, so the owner has the opportunity to comfortably move his boatto the lake or thesea with no need for special permits.

Finally NY24 is eco-friendly, thanks to the possibility of installing an auxiliary electric jet propulsion systemthat allows autonomy up to an hour of navigation with a maximum speed of 5 knots: protected areas will immediately be the dream place to discover by cruising.


Alongside the Deluxe version, two new variants of this model are the GT and the LIMO:

NY24 GT presents an unmistakable design, being the perfect day cruiser for sunbathing and day trips, alsosuitable as a weekender to spend an overnighton board.

NY24 GT is a fun and gritty motorboat,asearoadsterthat offers high performances combined with perfect manoeuvrability and that pleasant feelingof wind in the hair.

NY24 Limo, the third solution proposed for this model, is aimed in particular at owners looking for tendersof the same stylistic level of their superyacht:a real walkaround which, while maintaining the clean andstylish lines of the original model,is presented without a forward bridge and without cabin; an all-openboat that,thanks to its construction height, intentionally kept low, is perfectly suited to easily enter intothe garage of large motoryachts.Whatever the favourite version, NY24 is a boat devotedto exclusivity, refinement, harmony of shapes andcolours, richness of materials and high-end finishings, a synthesis that offers a wide customization.

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