NAUTUS 7-50 – A new, no-nonsense powerboat, from Sweden

The design brief for Nautus 7-50 was to create a no-nonsense, rugged, capable open boat for transport, fishing and leisure. The owners of the Nautus company are well experienced boatmen with an eye for practical details and a clear list of specifications. There was no boat on the market that could offer what they wanted.
It needed to be fast enough. The hull shape should enable it to go effortlessly with an inboard diesel of limited power and a straight propeller shaft. It had to be simple and reliable for hot summer days, and for hard winter conditions – both owners of Nautus live on islands outside Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden.
The new Nautus 7-50 had to offer a comfortable, silent, smooth motion, without slamming – even at high speed and in choppy waters. It had to be an attractive leisure boat. Safe and inviting, with room for picnic baskets and children. A big U-shaped sofa for gathering with family and friends, a swimming platform aft, a
sunbed on the centreline, a canvas dodger for protection during a trip to the outer skerries. At the same time, the emphasis was on making a sturdy workboat, a boat which takes care of the people on board, with space and capacity for carrying big loads between town and the island home, or lobster fishing in the autumn. A robust rubber fender running along the edge.
Apart from this, no frills, no gimmicks – nothing but the best possible powerboat for its intended purposes.

A first series of 3 prototypes were built, they have now been tested for +500 hours. The tests prove that the boats could, with margin, fulfill the expectations. Here is the verdict from LarsĹke Redeén, Chief editor of Båtliv, after testing Nautus 7-50 in June. ”Nautus 7-50 is the proof that you don´t have to compromise or flirt with the market to build something that is really good. Furthermore, the boat has an attractive price, like a big console boat with outboard engine.”

Nautus has a civilised, grown-up behaviour, moves equally well at 7 or 12 knots, or 17, or 24. Her motion is soft and dignified, even in in choppy sea. She is silent, has a completely smooth ride, with a low fuel consumption. At 2900 RPM, 19 knots, the consumption is 0.42 l/nm, or 7,8 LPH. The 93 litre diesel tank gives a range of +200 Nm. With a Yanmar common rail engine and a well insulated engine room and a 4-bladed19” Skewback propeller there are no vibrations or noise to disturb a conversation onboard.

Versatile layout
The Nautus 7-50 is easy to use with its open space – she is hugely practical for transporting goods or for a day out with family, pets and luggage. It is easy to move around. Grab rails and handles are placed where you need them. An integrated aft platform makes it easy to get in and out of the water, or handle fishing equipment.
The sofa is a comfortable place for guests. Nautus 7-50 even offers a space for an afternoon nap: In the bow you will find a well sheltered 2 meter long and 145 centimetres wide bed. A lovely space for stretching out, or a protected, snug place for children.

The team behind Nautus have focused on essentials, by using the best materials where it really matters. They have also tried to avoid any compromises; everything is built and constructed to meet the highest demand. Apart from the red steering wheel, the focus has been on simple and straightforward solutions.
Nautus is built by MARKOS in Poland. Markos is a producer of composite materials,
specialized in vacuum bag infusion technology as well as in hand lay-up and RTM technologies.
The MARKOS company is a certified supplier of wind turbine covers and an approved producer of rescue, life and pleasure boats.
To ensure an easily driven hull with a high turn of aesthetics the choice for designer fell on Heyman Yacht design. Gabriel Heyman is well-known for his beautiful and innovative sailing yachts. Boats from Heymans drawing board are performance oriented but with a pedigree from classic yachts.

Specification NAUTUS 7-50
Shipyard: Markos
Architect: Gabriel Heyman
Overall length 7.50 m
Length over the waterline 7.20 m
Overall breadth 2.48 m
Draught 0,65 m
Displacement 1550 Kg
Construction GRP, sandwich
Engine Yanmar 80 or 110hp , common rail
Diesel 93L
Certification CE cat. C 8 pers. / cat. D 12 pers.
Price 46 000 Euro excl. VAT, with 80 hp

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