From October 31 to November 4, CMC Marine returns to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, confirming its drive for success on the US market, where it recently opened a new branch. On display at the event will be Stabilis Electra, the first electric stabilizing system recognised the world over for its remarkable silence, compact size and incredible responsiveness.

Fort Lauderdale, the “Yachting Capital of the World”, plays host to one of the most important boat shows in America, the storied and eagerly awaited FLIBS, which celebrates its seventieth anniversary in 2019 and is being held this year from October 31 to November 4. CMC Marine, which opened its first US office in September, is attending the event for the second time, where it will be exhibiting one of its leading products, Stabilis Electra, the electric stabilizing system featuring unparalleled silence (less than 50 dB at a distance of one meter), compact size and incredible responsiveness (because no time is needed to power the system up and down). The other main benefits include a faster rotation speed, which improves stabilisation at anchor, and reduced power consumption (over 50% in some cases).

Stabilis Electra

One step at a time, CMC Marine continues to conquer new countries and the United States, which represents the world’s leading market in terms of numbers of yacht enthusiasts and boats built, as well as of the turnover generated by the industry, is only the latest stage in the brand’s internationalisation. In recent months, the Cascina-based company has also been in the spotlight in China, where Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht is installing the electric stabilizing systems designed by CMC Marine, and in France, where a partnership agreement was recently signed with Naval Group subsidiary Sirehna, which operates in various fields including hydrodynamics and the control of mobile marine units.

CMC Marine’s attendance of the US boat show confirms the company’s presence in a geographical area where the Italian yacht industry is reporting growing success and which represents an important springboard in the long and complex process of expanding into foreign markets

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