Innovative Austrian shipyard celebrates its sensational fifth nomination


Just as in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 the new flagship of the Frauscher shipyard, the FRAUSCHER 1017 GT, has been nominated for the title of „European Powerboat of the Year 2012“.There is much excitement about the renewednomination and it can be seen as a real sensation. This is the fifth nomination in the fifth consecutive year – and that from a shipyard in Austria. A further confirmation of the continual and consistent expansion of the Frauscher brand and the company‘s boldness to develop high-quality boats with outstanding design.The 1017 GT heralds a new era in the history of Frauscher – The Rise of a Legend. The task was to create a first-class „gentleman‘s racer“ which has the potential to become a modern legend. Just like its outer appearance, the interior of the 1017 GT is also extremely impressive, with more room than any Frauscher yacht before. The high standards do not let up when it comes to the handling characteristics either. The boat was tested extensively, both in calm waters and in the choppy Mediterranean Sea near Cannes. During the tests, the 1017 GT really proved its mettle through fantastic stability in rough conditions and a tight turning circle. At the other end of the spectrum, the boat was also very impressive when cruising at low speed.The tried-and-tested underwater hull from the 717 GT has been used with the 1017 GT to reduce float resistance and to maximise speed. The usual Frauscher handling standards are, of course, a given. But the 1017 GT does not just cater for the needs of speed freaks, laid-back sailors will also feel right at home. The pair of z-drives make running ashore into a quiet, romantic bay easy, whereas a specially designed anchor an undisturbed break before also allows. The foredeck and stern providing ample space for sunbathing. The impressive Frauscher 1017: an object of desire created by the „engineers of emotions“.The „European Powerboat Award“ is an award organised by the European motorboat magazine Boote (Germany). The award jury consists of leading motorboat magazines from all over Europe. From all newly-launched boats, the jury selects the 25 most interesting models in five different categories. The following categories are assessed: safety standards, workmanship, handling characteristics, layout and the price/performance ratio.The following Frauscher boats have been nominated in the past:

2008 :: 606 Riviera

2009 :: 909 Benaco


2010 :: 717 GT (won!) & 606 Riviera with hydrogen drive


2011 :: 650 Alassio


2012 :: 1017 GT



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