Ferretti Custom Line a resounding sucess in Trieste, and an award for the new Navetta 33 Crescendo

  Three new Ferretti Custom Line models presented as world premières, and a prestigious RINA (Italian Naval Register) plate awarded to Group Chairman and Founder, Norberto Ferretti for the Navetta 33 Crescendo.

Trieste, 30th May 2011 – A weekend of festivities and an extraordinary nautical celebration featuring the best Italian-made nautical products in the world. Ferretti Custom Line displayed a wide range of its maxiyachts in the magnificent setting of Piazza Unità d’Italia, measuring 26 to 38 metres, amongst which three new models presented as world premières: Custom Line 124’, Custom Line 100’ and Navetta 33 Crescendo.


A special and indeed unique event, if one considers that each Ferretti Custom Line yacht is custom-built for her owner, and that it is rare to be able to admire them together, in the same city, moored at the same wharf. The event had a special parterre too, with clients and dealers from all over the world.


The entire fleet was moored at the wharf in front of Piazza Unità d’Italia, a perfect scenario for testifying Italian nautical excellence throughout the world. The event featured a number of prestigious partners, too, such as Maybach-Mercedes, present with an exclusive Maybach 57 s and three models of the “star” (an S 63 AMG, an S 65 AMG and a CLS 63 AMG); Ruinart, official champagne for the cocktail; Baraka gifts; and lastly, the Fendi Casa e outdoor collections, for the furnishings both at the wharf and on board the yachts.


At the end of the press conference, Ferretti Group Chairman and Founder, Norberto Ferretti was awarded the RINA plate by Ugo Salerno, CEO at RINA (the oldest classification and certification company organisation in Italy), testifying the certificate received for new yacht Navetta 33 Crescendo.*


We are pleased to be here today, with an impressive three new yachts being presented as world premières. Receiving the prestigious RINA plate for Navetta 33 Crescendo has made the entire Group, which has always worked successfully with this prestigious organisation, very proud,” stated Norberto Ferretti, Ferretti Group Founder and Chairman.


The splendid setting of Trieste,” continued Giancarlo Galeone, Ferretti Group CEO, “blends in perfectly with our Custom Line brand. Thanks to the support of the local authorities, we were able to lay special emphasis on our yachts, and seeing the fleet brought together in Piazza Unità d’Italia was a truly unique sight.”


During the press conference, architect Gianni Zuccon of Studio Zuccon International Project described the design lines, explaining how “Custom Line 124’, Custom Line 100’ and Navetta 33 Crescendo are the result of a careful study. I consider the new models,” he continued, “to be true design products: a complex concept in which, however, the three yachts have a precise setting: innovation, personalisation and technology, fundamental principles for Ferretti Custom Line”.

 Andrea Frabetti, director of the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), the Ferretti Group’s naval research and design centre, continued: “Comfort is the word which guided these new projects. Our aim is to use technology to increase the levels of comfort on the yachts. This has also enabled us to improve the ease of carrying out manoeuvres for the crew, and significantly increase on-board safety.”

 “Managing to bring clients together in Trieste from all over the world (Australia, Lebanon, Brazil, China, etc.) has fully rewarded the choice of such a special location,” declared Marco Segato, Ferretti Custom Line Brand Manager. “The new yachts show just how much of a leader Ferretti Custom Line is, owing to the levels of customisation proposed for yachts of this size: innovative solutions which are also elegant and give prominence to our shipyard.”

  *Navetta 33 Crescendo is the very first pleasure boating yacht built in respect of RINA’s new class regulations, which came into force on 1st January 2011, and mark completion of extensive revision of the class standards RINA developed by working closely with the nautical industry. The main innovative features of these standards are the introduction of the technical requirements in line with the technological and productive development of the world nautical industry. This applies to composite constructions in particular, as the new criteria for structural measurements are able to assess innovative constructive materials and procedures, risk analysis and alternative design, and the requisites for assessing architectural elements such as hull windows and balconies.

The Ferretti Group, and in particular its engineering structure the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) the Ferretti Group’s naval research and design centre, has once again played a fundamental role in developing and implementing these new standards, being the very first to attain conformity to the new standards.



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