ISAF Midyear Meeting

Andy Rice checks in from St. Petersburg:
Today the Events Committee secured a 60% majority in favour of the following events and equipment:
Board and/or Kiteboard men & women – RS:X/Kiteboard – evaluation.
One-person dinghy men – Laser,
One-person dinghy men women – Laser Radial.
2nd one-person dinghy men – Finn.
Two-person dinghy (spinnaker) men & women – 470.
Skiff men – 49er,
Skiff women – equipment evaluation.
Two-person multihull mixed – equipment evaluation.
This is almost exactly the same slate put forward by the Events Committee four years ago.
No keelboats.
The Star class has a potent ally at the top table of ISAF, the Executive Committee, in vice-president Eric Tulla from Puerto Rico. The rumour mill says Tulla will be pushing hard to get the Star back in for Rio, and that he is bringing three of the remaining six vice-presidents with him in pushing for the original submission from Puerto Rico to be considered. The keelboats, for men and women, would stay in, and the skiffs would be out.
If Tulla really has managed to convince fellow VPs, Alberto Predieri, Tomasz Holc and Nazli Imre, to push for a submission that earned no votes from the 29 available from the Events Committee vote, then we know that ISAF has learned nothing from the debacle of 2007. We will know that the Federation remains as corrupt – or at the very least, corruptible – as it was four years ago.
Will the committee of experts, the Executive Committee – find itself ignored once again? It would be an almighty slap in the face, but not for the first time.
Andy’s full report on his blog:

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